Black Hole Series


Etching is a kind of media that can receive all your movements in painting.

During the development of etching: all the touches, the length of time in the acid, the speed at which the rollers are turned by hand, etc. Every step affects the final picture. Etching is how time passed.

Blackhole Lily

297mmx420mm (frame not inclouded)
etching on zinc, pencit, gauze, ink for
prints, suger

Lethaby Gallery

In the cloud over time

180mmx260mm (frame not inclouded)
etching on zinc, pencil, gauze, ink for

In the could over time, Blackhole Lily aiming to extend the language to the field of plants, a versatile communication tool that could be around visual as well as languages. Leaving aside all the dogma of specific attention to subjectivity headed by anthropocentrism, the resulting understanding of plants, nature, and languages differs in interpretation and openness to reading. These are a series of multifaceted works on paper. Flowing lines, plant spectrum, invisible waves, plants transform into a fluid state, and it is invisible; the picture is in the process of self-adjustment.

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