Growing Book_white


The seed of the book(2021)

The key to planting a tree is to convince the audience that it will grow and that belief requires hope. So I decided to start from the seed and write the story of what it grew out of, trying to convince the audience.

The last small piece of text of the entire page left by the fire, enclosed with the ashes in the transparent wax, became the base for the seed. Using the ashes of the pages and the torn text as the base,

Growing book_Paper on Wood

440mm×297mm acrylic, plaster, book, sand, sandy medium, clear wax


I abstractly deform the text symbols to depict the unrestrained growth of the text.

The words carry biological characteristics, reject the linear development direction, and grow organically, and various symbols are burdened with meaning and converge aimlessly.In Kaspar's dream, there was a hillside surrounded by heavy fog.

People asked each other about the situation here, advancing and retreating. What was on it? It's death, Kaspar said. I sketched the Kaspar hillside in the original manuscript, and all directions became no direction here.I made the shape of the hillside out of plaster and used it as a seed in the painting, on which the symbols can climb, spin, and divide.

Development of growing book, inspair by the original draft (a.1 top right)

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