The Secret


Secret Exchange

2021 3400mm×3760mm×42mm
Sand, stone, mark, besom

The Dundas Street Gallery Fine art society of


The exchange of secrets interactive installation was created for the "Secrets" exhibition. The intention is to use interactive installations to attract people and build bridges between works for the entire exhibition. It covers an area of about 9 square meters and uses sand and stone as the medium to cut into the theme-secret exchange. Secrets are only valuable when there is a chance of being discovered. Here, the audience picks up stones and writes their own secrets, throws them into the sand

pool, and takes away the secrets belonging to another person after viewing the exhibition. The exchange of secrets has been successfully completed. Strangers keep the taken secret. The secret is no longer there, it loses its sense of security, but unconsciously it is no longer the accumulated pain in your heart.

Considering that this work needs to be recognized by the public, I used the local stones in Edinburgh and the sand from the sea in the material; the shape is based on the lake at the foot of Arthur's Seat, which is well known the locals. Therefore, this work is more popular for me, and besides being interactive, its concept is more easily accepted by the audience.

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